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Brooklyn, NY 11222

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Ryan Crozier

Benny Jenkins
Bjarke Ballisager
Brianna Pastore DiGioia
Steven Levine
Travis Johnson

Past Team Members :

Chaz Capobianco
Gabriel Feller-Cohen
Laure Dubois
Mark Mann
Matthew Kelly
Megan Whinery
Ted Mineo


Design by Other Means

Photography by :

Alexa Vachon
Ati Grinspun
Chloé Mossessian
Danielle Stingu
David Sundberg
Matthew Clayton
Richard Gin
Tom Sibley
Brianna DiGioia

Videography by Haoyan of America

Thank You:

All those above
Barneys New York Crew
Daedalus + Dana
Ex Machina Soundworks
Joe Polimeni
Michael Delucia
Nino Bozic
Rush Design
Sam Moyer
Shinola Detroit
Simon Doonan
Simon Huck
Smooth Technology

Whenever possible, we encourage the reusing and recycling of our products, as well as the usage of those building materials and methods most sustainable and low-impact to planet Earth.

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